The Secret to a Good Tennis Game

Are you fond of watching tennis games on television or in person? If you are, you probably noticed how each player holds a racquet that always looks brand new in every game. They may be holding a new racquet every game, but there is also a possibility that they are holding the same acquit, just with a different string.

The tennis professionals you see in games are so good at what they do that they have enough force to hit a ball hard, resulting in losing the strings. One key to ensuring a tennis professional succeeds in his or her skills in tennis is having a lot of extra racquets that have been newly strung. The precision in stringing is also very important, and each professional may even have their preference of the strings they use.

Whether you are a pro in playing tennis or not, I’m sure you know that the best racquet gets strung by professionals too. Here’s why:

1. String Material

Just like any other material, strings also have variations. There are various factors to choose from, like the string’s thickness, flexibility, durability, resiliency, and ability to grip a ball as it comes into contact. Whether you have the best measure of tension or not, the material you use or the string you prefer has a say on how you can better play the game.

2. Tension of the String

The tension of the racquet strings plays a critical role in how fast the ball rebounds from the impact on the racquet strings. When the lines are loose, you should expect the ball to take a longer time to rebound. However, as you tighten the strings and improve the tension, you can surely rebound the ball in a faster manner. Many assume a tennis racquet should be in greatest tension to play better in the game. However, just like how professional has their preference in the stings they want on their racquet, each player also prefers highs or her share of tension.

3. Condition of the String of the Racquet

As the material is continuously used over time, it deteriorates in quality. This event also happens to strings, especially because it greatly impacts the ball used in playing tennis. The tension can loosen, and it can result in inconsistency in a player’s hit or attack. So, if ever you have a tennis racquet just it sitting around with strings on, you may want to invest in restringing it before using it so you can better enjoy your game.

So when should you invest in restringing your tennis racquet?

Since a string is vital in a tennis game, there are various occasions as to why you should take it to a restring pro.

– Your racquet string has been damaged.

– Your racquet has been sitting in your room for years.

– You are noticing fraying signs on your racquet string.

– Dead ball impact when playing.

– Too far ball rebounds.

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