My beautiful friend Vanessa.  She married her sweetheart Matt in May this year.   She is so classically beautiful and elegant. Vanessa and I went to High School together…our paths crossed again a couple of years ago and i’m so grateful they did…She is so beautiful and this image makes my heart sing.

If you’ve only just joined us and are wondering what “You had me at Hello” is all about.  I’m starting my wedding season next month in Italy to photograph a beautiful elopement in Florence – before i head away on this fabulous adventure i will be blogging daily for the next month with “You had me at Hello!”.  These posts will showcase some of my personal favourite images…images that i think describe that wedding, some images that just make me sigh, maybe an image that brings a smile to my face or tears to my eyes. I will post these images daily so keep coming back to check what’s new!