I was meant to publish this post yesterday…but i decided to sit on the lounge with a glass of wine and crochet.  Initially this post was only going to show everyone some of my favourite wedding reception images, but after a little bit of thought i decided to open up a little bit of myself, to tell you why I think it’s important to capture lots of photos of your friends and family, why i love wedding receptions and last but not least, why i think it’s important to have your wedding photographer at your reception.

August is a very special month of the year!  It’s 4 months away from Christmas, a month away from Spring, and it’s month number 8 (my favourite number!).   Here in Canberra, Australia it is the month of cold nights and early frosts, but it is also the month that reminds us that Winter is about to end.  It is also the month that my mum celebrated her birthday and sadly died a few days before her 72nd birthday…My mother past away 4 years ago this month and i miss her heaps. Please don’t be sad…I really had no intention to makes this post sad, I actually wanted to show how important capturing photos of your family and friends at parties, at dinners, birthdays, weddings, basically anytime is a good time. I wish i had taken more photos of my mum…the ones i have i cherish with all my heart. Make sure you print them, put them in an album or frame them. Take those electronic files sitting on your computer or on CDs and print them…display them and look at them often!

I also want to share why i love being a wedding photographer and why I think you should have your wedding photographer spend the whole day with you on your special day!

Some of the reasons i love wedding receptions…

  • the speeches ( YES Really!  I love hearing people’s stories about how they met, stories of growing up, their family and friends, the jokes (even all the really bad wedding jokes!)…
  • The emotional moments of the night and the love and support shown by friends and family when people remember the loved ones they have lost.
  • Mum, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa smiling with so much love, with tears of happiness in their eyes…
  • Friends and family getting together to celebrate  - seeing friends and family who have not seen each other for years…it’s amazing to see and capture these connections reignited again at a wedding!
  • the crazy dancing – yes i have been known to boogey with Grandpa and the bride’s long lost uncle with camera in hand…this is quite entertaining for all the guests because (as my husband tells me) I apparently dance like Elaine from Seinfeld – yes the thumbs and the kick!  If you haven’t seen this episode of Seinfeld you really should You Tube it – this could be your number 1 reason to hire me as your wedding photographer – it really is a sight!  But seriously, i love capturing the fun and shenanigans on the dance floor!

I’m there to capture all these special moments!

This brings me to the topic of having your photographer stay for your reception. I only offer full day coverage and I’ve come to learn that receptions are full of wonderful photo opportunities. There are moments between the bride and groom and their guests that simply don’t happen in the earlier, more formal part of the day. Yes, it’s very important to get the formal family shots, and the beautiful location photographs, but the candid, off guard, fly on the wall photos you get at your reception are just as important…and so much fun!

If you’re in the position of deciding whether to have your photographer stay for the reception just remember that there’s a WHOLE lot more to it than a cheesy posed shot of you cutting the cake.  Full day and night coverage is not for everyone, and that’s absolutely fine, there’s not a thing wrong with only wanting day time coverage, so long as you’re well aware of what you’re missing! :)

I love weddings and I feel blessed that my job is a very important element of a very special day for people. Giving my couples their photos after their honeymoon, and seeing the delight and joy on their faces as they reminisce over one of the most memorable days in their lives, is one of my favourite parts of my job.