Things your hired help must do when checking your heating system

Before the warmth leaves us for the cold and chilly nights make sure your furnace is inspected and ready for the cold. Without checking and inspecting your gear, you might just end up becoming a human popsicle! So, these are the maintenance steps that you should expect your hired professional to do. Don’t attempt to try to do this yourself unless you have proper background for your own safety. You might also damage your system if you play around!

heating system

Shut down the system.

-Before doing anything this is a safety precaution that your hired professional must do. The location of the red paneled-switch must ideally be found at the top of the cellar stairs or near the burner while the fuel shutoff valve can be found near a gas pipe. Make sure you remember the location of the switches in case of emergencies such as gas leakage and fire.

Clean the combustion chamber

-In this chamber fuel is being mixed with air and is lit so generating heat is possible. Carbon soot, water vapor, carbon dioxide can build up in this chamber, which can cause the chamber walls to corrode. Your hired professional then scrapes out the build-up soot with a small wired brush, then proceeds to clear the loose material with an industrial vacuum and ends with inspection of the chamber for holes and corrosion before replacing the cover.

Inspect the flue pipe

-The exhaust flue must be checked because it can leak carbon monoxide, specifically where the pipe meets the furnace. Small holes can be repaired by patches using foil tape, unless corroded the pipe must be replaced.

Oil filter replacement

-For oil powered systems, the oil filter prevents small debris from clogging the oil-burner nozzle. If left unchecked and inspected could lead to a misfire that will then shut down the system. The hired professional must close the oil valve and then proceed to remove the old filter and replace it, setting aside the used and dirty filter. This filter must then be disposed.

Changing the air filter

-During winter all the air you and your family breathes in comes through the air filter. Air filters can’t be changed too often but you must never forget to have it changed for more than a year. Changing the air filter is simple and even you can do it yourself without the help of a hired professional. During this step, your hired help must also check the blower belt for wear and tension, a loose belt results to a slow blower and compromises the system’s efficiency. If the belt thins down more than ¾ inch when pressed then it can be easily adjusted by sliding the motor backwards slightly.

Burner adjustment and efficiency testing

-Your hired help should at this point set up a combustion analyzer which is design/made to calculate your system’s efficiency by measuring the gasses in the exhaust flue. They must then make sure the burner’s air gates are properly adjusted according to its proper ration of fuel to air. The oil nozzle may be replaced which will then atomize the fuel before it is lit and then the hired help must check the fire’s color and shape at the igniter.

Cleaning of floor vents

-A good time to do this is during the fall time, where in you can do this step. You must remove the floor register and vacuum out the duct which is a good magnet for dust, pet hair, small, food scraps and other impurities. All of these can and will slow down the system’s efficiency which will result to you increasing the heat and a higher cost to pay. Once cleaned out, then you’ll be able to breathe easier without all that impurities lingering in the air.



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